PIANO Lessons

• 30 -45-60 minute private lessons.

These lessons are tailored to each student based on their age, skill level, and musical interests. Kids usually start in one of the common course books, such as Alfred or Bastian series,in addition Classical Pieces are introduced along with modern music of the students choice. While adults are taught from a variety of adult courses, as well as customized materials I’ve created.


The Piano Performance Class is usually held in January. The students prepare 2 pieces to be performed from memory. The audience consists of current students only. This is an excellent opportunity for students to perform without the pressure of a Recital atmosphere.

STEINWAY HALL RECITAL usually held in March. Selected students are invited to perform.

RECITALS are usually held in June. These are public Recitals opened to the public.

Students perform 2 pieces from memory. In preparation for the Recital, 2 rehearsals are scheduled in May and June. I feel these are very important for the student as they can try out their recital pieces.